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America at 237: A Guiding Light or A Dimming Beacon?

Having made two trips to Egypt since the Arab Spring to work with current and emerging political leaders, I closely follow its ever-changing political situation. In the past week, the protests that allowed the country to exercise its voice for democracy has turned into ugly battles between the right and left, between those feeling unempoweredRead… Read more »

M2M News: Sprint M2M to Boost Utility Industry Operations; Make Systems Smarter

With rising demand for energy and natural resources, machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions give utilities a powerful emerging tool for managing demand and promoting sustainability. To this end, Sprint is fast tracking M2M to the marketplace, collaborating with innovative companies that specialize in enhancing reliability, optimizing service delivery and improving efficiency. Sprint has announced agreements with Itron,Read… Read more »

Can a LAMP Shine at your Agency?

Once upon a time, I was working with the CIO’s Architecture Division of a major cabinet level department. We had a major discussion as to why LAMP should be allowed in our Architecture. There were lots of discussions around security and the reliability of Open Source application stack. In the end, it was not approvedRead… Read more »