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Think Different, Think Simplicity

Last Christmas after all the festivities and the big dinner –I settled down with my iPad and purchased Steve Job’s Biography. I was thinking how cool is it to buy and enjoy something on Christmas –without having to leave the house. Besides the only store opened on Christmas is the 7-11 and I didn’t needRead… Read more »

Personal Analytics? Can Tech Save the [work] Day?

“We are entering an era of personal analytics where we can take control of our own data, display it in a dashboard, and use it to inform better life decisions, according to Martin Blinder, founder and CEO of Tictrac, speaking at Intelligence Squared’s If Conference.” Tictrac is in beta, and from what I can tell,Read… Read more »

Can a LAMP Shine at your Agency?

Once upon a time, I was working with the CIO’s Architecture Division of a major cabinet level department. We had a major discussion as to why LAMP should be allowed in our Architecture. There were lots of discussions around security and the reliability of Open Source application stack. In the end, it was not approvedRead… Read more »