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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade your PC

It was great to engage with the GovLoop community last week for our Knowledge Dialogue forum discussion about the importance of refreshing your PCs. There were some very interesting (and amusing!) thoughts and stories about issues that you all are having with your technology equipment and computers, and how badly you are in need ofRead… Read more »

The New Norm: Work is Not Where You Go, It’s What You Do

Originally published under the title “Workplace Flexibility as the New Normal” as part of “The FCW Challenge” by Anne Weissberg, William D Eggers, May 14, 2010 As William Gibson wrote in Neuromancer, “the future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” If you think that the federal government will never go to aRead… Read more »

What is the Biggest IT Change in the Last 30 Years?

Collaboration has come a long and I do mean a LONG way in the last 30 years. So with all the advances out there what is the single most important one? You can vote here: I mean there are several to chose from: E-mail, Internet, Cell Phone and Shared Drives, and if we haven’tRead… Read more »

Why Telework Can’t Work for the Federal Government

The notion of “telework” isn’t new; it’s commonly used in the private sector for positions that involve analytical thought, professional work products, counseling, training, and the like. So why is OPM pushing it without Congressional mandate? (See FedSmith’s article titled “Telework in the Federal Government”). Unlike the profit-motivators and cost-cutting measures that stimulate this typeRead… Read more »

Gridlock Drives Gridlock

It’s true that the D.C. area is home to one of the worst commutes in the nation. Think you can breeze through 66, 270, or the Beltway in rush hour? Good luck to you. They say it’s going to rain. Better luck next time. I’ll bet on something that has better odds, like the lottery.Read… Read more »

Earth Day Results – Does the Government Want More Green IT?

Last week we did a pretty cool poll with our partner HP on “Does the Government Want More IT?” Check out the results…Pretty fascinating. Does the Government Want More Green IT? View more documents from GovLoop. An interesting note – I’m one of those teleworkers who has gotten in a bad habit of not poweringRead… Read more »

The President’s Push for Telework

The term – workplace flexibility – is all the buzz at the White House. If you watched the live stream of the Workplace Flexibility Forum last week, hosted by The White House (, you know what I mean. The President and First Lady opened and closed the session, discussing the importance of creating workplace practicesRead… Read more »

Is telework close to becoming a reality for federal employees?

Last November, HP partnered with the Virginia based Telework Exchange to put on the inaugural Great Commuter Stress Out event in D.C.’s Woodrow Wilson Plaza. The event provided fun activities such as a free massages and a car-shaped piñata for attendees to strike as a means of releasing commuter tension. Additionally, Congressman Gerry Connolly, D-Read… Read more »

Federal Eye: Eye Opener: Snow days cost government $71M

Happy Wednesday! Last month’s snow days that kept the federal government closed for almost a week cost taxpayers much less than initially feared. The government lost $71,074,495 worth of productivity for each snow day, according to updated estimates released Tuesday by the Office of Personnel Management. The figure dropped from an estimated $100 million becauseRead… Read more »

Mother Nature Wants More Telework

The biggest news out of the historic back-to-back snow storms this winter season is not the shortage of snow shovels or the Open Government initiatives deadlines, but rather how telework has become mainstream. As a long time Washington DC professional, I remember numerous snow storms over the last twenty years that have closed schools andRead… Read more »