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Of Trees and Teleworking

In the past couple of weeks, the DC metro area was wracked by massive storms that compounded commuting woes (and split an apartment building in half). My commuting time more than doubled. Much–maligned power company Pepco featured two Flickr feeds documenting the storm damage and indirectly making a strong case for teleworking. In the daysRead… Read more »

Telework Improvement Act Impacts Agency Hiring and Retention Efforts

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster As the federal workforce becomes younger – almost one in three of the 142,690 federal workers hired last year were 29 or younger and one in four was between 30 and 39 – the “typical workday” may change dramatically. The road to one change was paved earlier this summerRead… Read more »

The Tele-Commuter Mindset – a series

The Distributed City Model This past weekend my wife and I visited southern Minnesota’s Bluff Country. Bluff Country really goes into Iowa and Wisconsin but I guess Minnesota came up with the name first and … well, the point is, politically defined regions and politically defined tourist areas like Bluff Country all suffer from theRead… Read more »

Telework: Productivity Not Presence Should Be the Measure of An Employee

Originally posted by Laureen Miles Brunelli, Guide to Work-at-Home Moms Of course the big legislative news this week is the financial reform bill, but in other news, the House passed the Telework Improvement Act. The bill, which the Senate had already passed, calls for an increase in the number of telecommuting federal employees. PresidentRead… Read more »

When Co-workers Hand You Lemons….

Is it really THAT easy to make lemonade? It’s a rainy Saturday here in Alexandria, VA. There are three very professional men from Well Home working in my house right now to make it more green and energy efficient. Well Home has been wonderful. I don’t want to digress however I do want to giveRead… Read more »

Dirty Dozen: 12+ Issues Impacting IT Transformation

Live blogging the “Transforming IT” session – Dan Munz from GSA and Tiffany Smith from State Department. The audience is sharing some of their issues with using innovative tech, including: 1. Centralizing #Gov20 policy – can we get one uber policy that covers all agencies and expedites moving forward? 2. Big barrier = security. HowRead… Read more »

Pursuing the Tele-Commuter Mindset!

Are our Organizations Computerized or Virtualized? A number of months ago I approached the Minnesota American Institute of Architects to see if they would be interested in a discussion about how strategic telework would change the work environment and perhaps the cityscape itself. It was positioned as a presentation of the tools and strategies thatRead… Read more »

Why Teleworking is Good for Your Mental Health

Nick Carr, who criticizes the Internet while reaping the benefits of having such a great platform to push his neo-Luddite views, has published a book warning us all that online links are destroying our brains. It takes a brave person to ignore the evidence that the Internet is actually good for our brains but CarrRead… Read more »

Retro Flashback: Next Generation Government Will Be Mobile

One year ago, I published a post entitled “Next Generation Government: Mobile, Measurable and Malleable.“ As the Next Generation of Government Summit fast approaches, I thought I’d dust off this blog post and play it again to spark discussion in advance of the event. I’m going to run it as a series – breaking itRead… Read more »