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Can the power of the Web help solve the world’s most pressing problems?

Gov 2.0 has often been defined by its utility to help citizens or agencies solve problems, either for individuals or the commons. That’s what the giants of the Web 2.0 era have been able to do successfully outside of the government world, and that’s the paradigm that many Gov 2.0 events have been exploring. InRead… Read more »

Pillars of Gov 2.0: Social Media and Standards

I’ve been watching with interest as social media blogger extraordinaire Chris Brogan adapts his person brand from “social media guy,” to “human business guy.” Chris has been writing about effective news media strategy since long before it was a cottage industry, and many of his tips and probing questions center around the human component ofRead… Read more » – Caring about Sharing

Greetings, everyone. Have you seen the new open letter from Larry Lessig, Ben Smith (Politico), Tim O’Reilly and others from Mozilla, Wikipedia, RedditMozilla, and the Sunlight Foundation regarding three principles for open government? Here’s the slide show: And here are the three principles: 1. No Legal Barrier to Sharing (law (copyright law) should not blockRead… Read more »