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What Could Possibly Be Next?

450,000 Govies Outta Work in FY2012 Sorry for the grim news, but that that’s exactly what they reported last week. So, if you’re a government worker either for a state, county, town or village – pink slips are in the forecast. If you thought it was bad last year (300,000 jobs were cut) – braceRead… Read more »

Interesting Mix of People at CityCamp

So today is the start of CityCamp…. There has been a really cool introductions going on via the citycamp listserv and it looks like a fascinating bunch of people. A couple quick thoughts: CityCamp seems to bring slightly different people than the Gov 2.0 Camps and conferences I’ve been to. For example: -More journalist-related, hyperlocalRead… Read more »

Big vs. Small Federal Agency Government 2.0

It’s almost commonplace to hear things like, Federal agencies are getting better with Government 2.0, transparency, and communicating with the public. But most of the examples of this that I see and hear are from big agencies. You know, agencies like these: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENTRead… Read more »