The Right Content Services to Enhance CX

Investing in content services can greatly improve the constituent experience. And casting a content services partner will ease your agency’s journey to better customer experience (CX). Your agency’s first step is to define the capabilities most critical to enhancing the citizen experience.

Every content service offering can contribute to simplifying business processes, and therefore create more opportunities for employees to focus on citizens. Below we highlight several capabilities to set the stage for better content services. These tips are an excerpt from a partner ebook, Choosing a Content Services Partner.

Dazzle with document sharing and collaboration

The tech your agency chooses should enable your agency to improve both user and constituent experiences. An enterprise-ready, cloud-based tool will allow you to securely share content, collaborate on documents and extend related processes to individuals inside and outside your organization.

Captivate with customer communications management

A content services partner with a strong focus on customer experience-improving capabilities should allow your agency to create and distribute personalized correspondence and customized documentation in a variety of formats to all the people you serve in an efficient, cost-effective and consistent way.

Delight with document management

Strong document management capabilities allow you to organize, manage and optimize content across your agency, including compound documents and rich media files. When users are empowered to find the information they need when they need it, they can provide faster and more accurate responses to constituents.

Rivet them with records management

Constituents are focused on the security of their information, and your chosen partner should be too. Strong partners should provide automated document and records management to securely destroy (and preserve) information according to legal and compliance guidelines, and minimize legal risks enterprise-wide.

Spellbind with business process management

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, business processes need to be able to keep up. Your chosen content services vendor should allow you to automate tasks, route documents, manage exceptions and extend key processes using advanced tools. Better processes mean faster service and better experiences for constituents.

Knock ’em dead with data extraction and capture

This is another capability that can revolutionize your digital transformation and level up your game with constituents. Vendors should allow your organization to leverage multi-channel capture for all types of content. With intelligent automation, you can classify, extract and validate critical incoming information and provide faster, easier access to content to those who need it most.

To read the full ebook and learn how to find a content services partner that will score you a standing ovation from your constituents, download the full ebook here: Choosing a Content Services Partner.

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