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Aging Legacy Systems Trouble State and Local Transportation Departments

Potholes, road closures and other transportation infrastructure complaints are stereotypically common for local governments. While these inconveniences may make for an irritating commute, there’s another foundational framework flaw deterring department of transportation employees from efficient project management.

The legacy IT systems that these employees rely on deteriorate over time from the wear and tear of everyday use, much like the roads and bridges throughout the community. Without systematic improvements, these outdated systems cause unnecessary frustrations for the employees who depend on them to do their jobs.

From the internal perspective, department of transportation employees face additional day-to-day hurdles when dealing with legacy IT systems. An outdated infrastructure is time-consuming and expensive to manage, leading to delayed service delivery. Snow removal, for instance, requires fast-paced communication and dispatch networks that lagging legacy systems have trouble supporting.

Due to the nature of their work, department of transportation IT teams coordinate with third party contractors and other personnel to maintain infrastructure. Third-party teams need dependable access to department of transportation information in a way that simultaneously protects the government agency from actors with malicious intent. Legacy systems cannot support secure, widespread access.

An inept IT framework also hurts the constituents that departments of transportation serve. If public transportation websites cannot support urgent updates, such as an outage caused by bad weather or an accident, they are leaving residents without the necessary information to plan their trips. Department of transportation websites provide information necessary for daily life.

Fortunately, an infrastructure switch such as moving to the cloud can put an end to these dilemmas. Cloud computing provides scalability that allows for smooth, safe third-party access and efficient information updates. With a cloud-based network, time and other resources spent maintaining legacy systems can be shifted to support innovation.

If you’re a state or local department of transportation employee, register for “Safeguarding Apps and Data for Transportation and Motor,” a webinar presented by Citrix, on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. ET, to learn how to replace an out-of-date IT infrastructure with an efficient, centralized model. The online training event will provide a solution that delivers secure and reliable mobile access to public transportation applications and resources for staff and constituents.

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