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Social Media Is For Complainers (But Should Not Be)

In the political world there is a fascinating trend. Those who complain tend to use social media the most effectively. By those who complain I mean those who are NOT in power: 1. Barack Obama (the candidate, NOT the president). He used social media to engage and empower the masses unlike any modern presidential candidateRead… Read more »

President Obama and A Supporters Hollow Feeling (A Call for Online Engagement)

Barack Obama is one of the most recognized politicians of our generation. His historic inauguration flooded The National Mall with over a million people, and according to Nielsen Ratings, 37.8 million people tuned in to watch it on TV. When you add the 7. 7 million people who watched it streaming live online, the totalRead… Read more »

Skiing, Water Parks, Dating and Politics (Three Ways To Engage Your Online Community)

You might ask what does Skiing, Water Parks, Dating and Politics have in common. The answer… Social Media! I would like to begin by providing a shout out to a company that gets it! Vermont’s Jay Peak Resort was named to the Top 10 North American Ski Resorts Utilizing Social Media. Here’s a great exampleRead… Read more »