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Meet The Company Behind Capitol Hill’s Facebook Ads Did you know that there’s a company that specializes in Facebook promotions for members of Congress? Meet iConstituent, of Washington, D.C. We spoke to the company’s Marketing and New Media manager, Andrew Foxwell, by phone and email to learn more about how the company collaborates with congressional offices to maximize their Facebook use. HowRead… Read more »

How Do We Get More People to Interact with Their Representatives? Social Media and the Future of Democracy: Part Four

By Andrew Foxwell, Director of Marketing / New Media In the last installation of this four-part series, I’d like to cover the final — and pressing — question we face. As modes of communications change, let’s look at how we can use available technology toward our ultimate goal: increasing communications, which ultimately promotes our democracy.Read… Read more »

Social Media and the Future of Democracy Part Two: The Movement of trust away from large institutions and toward social networks

By Andrew Foxwell, Director of Marketing and New Media The future is now. In my last blog, I talked about how people are more important than brands, based on what I learned from the recent session I attended at the Brookings Institute, “How Social Networking Can Reinvigorate Democracy and Civic Participation.” Here’s the next takeawayRead… Read more »

Social Media and the Future of Democracy Part One: Brands Aren’t About People – Democracy Is

Recently, I attended a session at the Brookings Institution called “How Social Networking Can Reinvigorate American Democracy and Civic Participation.” It was an interesting panel made up of campaign consultants, academics and a representative from The White House. From the discussion, it was obvious that all of these stakeholders have thought extremely in-depth about whatRead… Read more »