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You gotta wanna – making Fantasy Policy Leagues work for Gov2.0

Recently, Justin Herman suggested that we might create more excitement and involvement in Gov2.0 by developing “Fantasy Policy Leagues”. What’s intriguing to me about Justin’s idea is that Fantasy Football uses people’s excitement and attachment to local teams to transform passive viewers into active coaches, getting them more deeply involved in strategy. The challenge isRead… Read more »

Brownie points, or results?

Using the Gulf oil spill to get clear about measuring Open Government Measure “Open Government”? Yes, but … I think that the success of the Obama Administration’s Open Government effort is critical, but I’m put off, even bored, by the measurement discussions to date. Imagine that you’ve got good reason to believe that your nephewRead… Read more »

A better question than “what’s the business case for Gov2.0?”

Don’t ask how do I make the business case for Gov2.0?”; tell us about your agency’s relationships, and the case will become obvious. Imagine that you’re a savvy Federal staffer in US Defense Military Health System Program. You’re excited by what the US Patent Office accomplished with its Peer to Patent program, eager to copyRead… Read more »