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Social @Work – “How tos” vs “Don’t dos”

As an Air Force vet, it’s hard humbling to point to another service and say, ‘Damn, they do that right.’ It’s especially hard humbling when I have to say, “Damn, the US Army* did that right.” The US Army’s Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, Online and Social Media Division created a handbook onRead… Read more »

Preventing The Miserable Workplace

Have you ever voted with your feet? Voting with your feet means you’ve left a job because you were absolutely miserable doing the work. You weren’t challenged by the work, you felt you were just a cog in a wheel, and no one really knew you for who you were, just the jobs that youRead… Read more »

When you can’t fire ’em – 5 Ways to Approach “Dysfunctional” Team Members

We’ve all been there. There’s someone on the team or on the project that’s juuuuust not quite cutting it. And wouldn’t it be great if we could all work under the Zappo’s employement philosophy: Hire slowly, Fire quickly. But how often do you have complete control over everyone working on your projects? You’ve likely gotRead… Read more »

Apps – An “Aha!” or the New Four Letter Word?

With over half a million apps in iTunes, over 1 billion app downloads in Blackberry App World, & Amazon’s Appstore up and running, it’s hard to ignore the impact they’ve had on consumers. From Angry Birds and Uno to Handy Level and baby name generators, the app world has lit up countless mobile devices withRead… Read more »