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Strive to Make Organizational Restructuring as Painless as Possible

As ‘Govies’ we’ve all lived through it. The dreaded organizational restructure. Change is painful, but organizational restructures can create a whole new kind of ‘pain’. The unknowns, the rumors, the impacts, and the stress are sometimes off the charts. Having been intimately involved on multiple restructuring efforts, I hope that some of these insights canRead… Read more »

When Comm is Not Enough

Citizen engagement operates with a lot of fancy titles like consumer education, consumer protection, client-centered services, outreach, or prevention and preparedness. In a prior life as an independent consultant, it was called community-based participatory research, and in my current role it is dubbed Community Engagement. (I must note, “citizen” explicitly denotes a legal status thatRead… Read more »

Organizational Project Management – How OPM Connects Strategy to Results

By Michael Ipsaro, PMP, CCE/A At a recent conference, I attended a break out session that focused on Organizational Project Management (OPM) and project methodologies, specifically an overall approach to implementing them as a practice standard, and the benefits of doing so. The presenters spoke about today’s increasingly competitive global environment for Government and industry,Read… Read more »

Workarounds as Evidence of Broken Processes

I work for a culture (the Air Force) that prides itself on innovation and a mission-first approach. However, in a long-term work project involving process mapping and process design for an internal customer, I’ve also noticed a culture of workarounds driven by several factors: 1) obsolete yet required forms; 2) lack of concrete guidance fromRead… Read more »

How to sweat the small stuff without ending up stinky

Small steps can be just as important as the big ones Business process re-engineering doesn’t have to be a boil the ocean approach to transforming your business. I don’t have any scientific evidence to support this but I believe that the most missed opportunities to improve are the little ones we have in front ofRead… Read more »

The Learners vs. The Learned: Which one are you in 2013?

Read more at Connect on Twitter @ drbillbrennan The Learners vs. The Learned: Which one are you in 2013? This past summer I had the very fortunate opportunity (with my good friend and colleague @triciainter) to spend two days with the fine people of Miles College talking about Leadership and Learning in an AgeRead… Read more »

Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Approach

This is the second video in the MB&A Executive Series. It is part two of an interview with Major General Dale Meyerrose on a top-down vs. bottom-up approach to organizational transformation. Below is the transcript of this video: Josh: Thanks for being here Dale. When managing change you often hear about a top down approachRead… Read more »

Specifications for Decisions Support

Identifying the business value of your portfolio is critical to overcoming hurdles I was talking with one of our Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy partners the other day and he brought up an interesting request from a client. The client was in the midst of deploying a large enterprise portfolio management solution and the clientRead… Read more »

Think Big

If you think big and start small, you can move mountains I had a great opportunity recently to interview Major General Meyerrose (USAF-RET) on the subject of organizational transformation. Major General Dale Meyerrose is the first Senate confirmed President appointed Chief Information Officer for the intelligence community. The video and transcript of that interview willRead… Read more »