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Seven Steps to Successful Supervision

Whether you’ve been a supervisor for years or are new to managing people, the relationship between you as a supervisor and those you supervise is one of the most important. But between long, busy workdays and stressful situations, that relationship can get ignored or thrown out the door entirely. Elisa Ortiz, deputy director of governmentRead… Read more »

In Case of Emergency, Use Social Media!

A Highlight from the upcoming NAGC Communications School. Whether we were in the Northeast at the time or not, none of us will forget the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy. Government agencies at all levels responded to the various emergencies and coordinated recovery efforts across multiple states. They needed to communicate with each other, toRead… Read more »

Government Conferences: What’s Next? – A FREE Web Event, Feb 7.

The ability to conduct vitally important government conferences has come under fire in the past year. Malfeasance by a small minority of government employees and a need to shrink government spending both contributed to severe limitations on conference participation by government agencies. While conference budgets shrink, the need to communicate with stakeholders and constituents hasRead… Read more »

NAGC Presents a Special Webinar ~ Lessons Learned: Engaging Citizens in War-Torn Countries

Lessons Learned: Engaging Citizens in War-TornCountries Thursday, January 31, 2013, 10 am EST Rear Admiral Vic BeckVice Chief of InformationU.S. Navy How do you communicate with and engage citizens who are just trying to survive? Especially, if you are the occupying force in war-torn areas? Rear Admiral Vic Beck was mobilized to run the publicRead… Read more »

NAGC’s “Communicator of the Year” Nominations

Do you know an outstanding government communicator? A public servant or organization that set an example for others in 2012? Each year, the National Association of Government Communicators recognizes a government communicator who has exemplified the best or most innovative communications practices and helped instill public trust by effectively presenting accurate, timely and meaningful information,Read… Read more »