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3R Bonuses: Retention

Because the federal government can’t always compete with the private sector on wages, it has some tools at its disposal to ensure that agencies can recruit and retain the best possible candidates. These include relocation, recruitment, and retention bonuses, also known as 3R payments. Here, we focus specifically on retention incentives to help you understandRead… Read more »

How to Get a Gov Job Overseas

Although most federal jobs are located in the United States, upwards of 30,000 Americans are working as civilian employees for the federal government overseas. Some of the top agencies for overseas hiring include the Agency for International Development, the Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of State, Peace Corps, and theRead… Read more »

20 Tips for Effective Networking

There is arguably no more important skill for government career growth than networking. And doing it well can be the difference between landing a promotion or big project and being stuck in place. Here are 20 networking tips to get you started: Practice: Especially if you are shy, or have trouble speaking about yourself, practiceRead… Read more »

Mentoring a New Employee? Here are the Most Important Tips

At various levels the federal government, there are structured, comprehensive career development (or mentoring) programs, like the Presidential Management Fellowship Program. Your agency might have its own version, but mentoring can be far less informal and structured, so long as it benefits both sides. If you are considering becoming a mentor to a new employee,Read… Read more »

Considering Phased Retirement?

As you near retirement age, there are a number of different factors you’ll likely be thinking about. You might realize that you aren’t as financially prepared to retire as you had anticipated, you might have trepidation about not having something to occupy your day, or you might just really like your job. If you fallRead… Read more »

Want to Telecommute? What You Need to Know About Flexible Work Arrangements

Back in June, the president issued a directive to all executive level departments, calling on them to expand the use and availability of flexible work arrangements that make it easier for employees to enjoy greater work/life balance. “In doing so, we can help ensure that the Federal workforce is engaged and empowered to deliver exceptionalRead… Read more »

Government-ize Your Resume

If you’re considering applying for your first federal job (or if you’re hunting for a new one), don’t plan on using a traditional resume. There are a number of specific things the feds are looking for that don’t usually apply to the private sector. What follows are some tips on how to rework your resumeRead… Read more »