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Improving Morale in Gov? Not Impossible

Earlier this month, the annual Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings were released by the Partnership for Public Service, based on data from OPM’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. NASA was rated the best large agency to work for, FDIC was chosen as the best mid-sized agency, and the Surface Transportation board comesRead… Read more »

Demonstrating Leadership Before and After Landing Your Job

Many ambitious young feds want to move into leadership positions. Hard work, coupled with the passage of time, can help you get a top spot in your organization, but even now, you can begin reaching for roles and responsibilities that will allow you to demonstrate your leadership skills. These opportunities might be big or small,Read… Read more »

11 Ways to Keep Millennials in Government

A couple weeks ago, OPM released a report on millennials in the federal government. The major finding? Those born after 1981 are satisfied with their jobs, but frustrated by the lack of reward and advancement. It’s not necessarily rewards in the monetary sense, but rather failure to recognize innovation, hard work, and creativity. Currently, millennialsRead… Read more »