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Recolation in Australia: Mobility Changes and Trends

According to the research of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is a wide range of possible living agreements reflecting the various range of households. One of the top causes for Australians to move home in the past five years are purchasing a dwelling and marriage. Reports show up to 45 percent of parents inRead… Read more »

The Reorg Rag (with apologies to no one)

It can’t happen here, I have too much to do…Who took my desk and chair, my computer, too?They can’t replace me — the Branch Techno-fileWhat do you mean I’m still in denial? Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,Why does it feel I’ve been fragged?Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,Maybe I’m just on a jag.Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,I’m still onRead… Read more »