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3R Relocation Incentives: Moving on the Government’s Dime

Sometimes, it’s difficult for the federal government to fill an open position, either because the skill set is hard to find or because the job location is less than ideal. When this happens, the feds can look to their current employees and offer relocation incentives to help attract the best candidates to fill these positions.Read… Read more »

Recolation in Australia: Mobility Changes and Trends

According to the research of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is a wide range of possible living agreements reflecting the various range of households. One of the top causes for Australians to move home in the past five years are purchasing a dwelling and marriage. Reports show up to 45 percent of parents inRead… Read more »

The Reorg Rag (with apologies to no one)

It can’t happen here, I have too much to do…Who took my desk and chair, my computer, too?They can’t replace me — the Branch Techno-fileWhat do you mean I’m still in denial? Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,Why does it feel I’ve been fragged?Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,Maybe I’m just on a jag.Reorg Rag, Reorg Rag,I’m still onRead… Read more »