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Election 2010 Action Plan

Alright everyone, tomorrow is mid-term election day in the United States. Assuming that you are registered and ready to vote here is what I am asking you to do: Join me on Foursquare. Yes, you know how I feel about Foursquare…. However, they are launching an outstanding application tomorrow that highlights all of your FoursquareRead… Read more »

My favorite WordPress plug-ins (right now)

When I migrated my blog from to my own self-hosted environment I used the move as an opportunity to become better acquainted with various WordPress plug-ins. I wanted to share some thoughts on my current favorites. WP Customized Greetings. I wrote about this plug-in which allows you to customized a greeting message, based onRead… Read more »

The ROI of open government data? New jobs

The Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) is taking place in Portland, Oregon, and I am watching as much as I can via the live feed. During the opening session one of the things that struck me was a comment that is becoming more commonplace. A comment by one of the CIOs that they were surprisedRead… Read more »

Gaming the voting system?

The popularity of geo-social applications like Facebook Places, GoWalla, FourSquare, and others is clear. Rewarding users for checking in, for taking some action, with nothing more than virtual awards has excited some users and continues to drive the growth of these platforms. So what would happen if you were to tie voting in political electionsRead… Read more »

Blog updates: Customized greetings

Experiment, measure, tweak, experiment, measure, tweak…. Experimentation as a way of learning what works for your audience while helping you achieve your goals is critical for your success in business, in government, in blogging, in life, and on and on…. My newest experiment has a simple goal of increasing community size on every channel IRead… Read more »

EmpireAvenue is a good game but not yet business ready

I joined Empire Avenue a few months back, first to evaluate, then in hopes of finding a platform that would provide business value for my particular needs. The platform has evolved and has added thousands of fantastic users. It is an addictive game but is not yet a business tool. My reasons for leaving EmpireRead… Read more »