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Is Web 2.0 Always the Way to Go?

Just because government is further behind the private sector when it comes to jumping on the Web 2.0 train doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of chatter about getting on board. I’ve heard things like “We need an app where citizens can take pictures of potholes or graffiti with their camera phone, geotag the location,Read… Read more »

Cory Booker is a Hero, But Could He Have Done More?

Cory Booker (@corybooker), the mayor of Newark, NJ made headlines recently with his heroic efforts to rescue residents from Snowpocalypse one tweet at a time. Whether its delivery diapers, shoveling entryways, or sending snowplows, he stepped out of bureaucracy to come across as a real, caring human being anxious to aid during a time ofRead… Read more »

The Craigslist Effect on Government Transactions

Over the past decade, government has become very good at putting applications and services online. Visit any state web site and you’ll find hundreds available at your fingertips. However, if you look at the statistics of many applications, such as vehicle registration and driver’s license renewals, adoption rates are still incredibly low. There really isRead… Read more »

Attorney General Sentenced to Prison?

I couldn’t believe it when this tweet popped up: Was Texas Attorney General Jeffs sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting a child? Wait a minute… The Attorney General for Texas is Greg Abbott, not Abram Harker Jeffs. So, what’s going on here? If you look at the other tweets from, the Official State ofRead… Read more »

Social Media in Gov is Like Riding a Bike, Seriously

When my son turned three, we got him a bike with training wheels. He did quite well, but when it came time to take off those training wheels, he violently refused. Even a three year old knew that going from four wheels down to two would increase his chances of falling from zero to incrediblyRead… Read more »