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How Critical Is Clarity on Government Projects?

Sometimes pronouncements get made and distributed in email format about a change in direction, etc. When this happens, I sometimes find that the person sending the message doesn’t have an understanding of the recipients. They have not put themselves in the “other person’s shoes”. Therefore, the message is confusing because key points are not addressed.Read… Read more »

We Feel Your Pain

As you read this, you may be going through many of the same things that I went through long ago. In fact you’re joined by thousands of other readers right now who are going through much the same thing you are. Some of us are trying to land our first job in project management, someRead… Read more »

Are You Legit?

A great series of questions came into my email inbox the other day from Shelly, who just discovered me and pmStudent. Shelly: Are these video’s for PM’s that had the schooling and are now ready to begin their career? If so, how much education would one need for your system to at it’s most helpful?Read… Read more »