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How to Find the Right Organizations For Your Project Management Career

What’s the hardest part of landing a new role to advance your career? I asked this question in a poll recently on the Career in Project Management LinkedIn Group. The top answer was that finding organizations and jobs seems to be the toughest challenge, at least from the people who responded to the poll IRead… Read more »

Project Management Career — NGOs and Disaster-Emergency Relief

An awesome question came into my email inbox the other day. This article contains important information for those of you interested in working for an NGO or similar organization, and an important case study in networking. Hello Josh, I am a human and medical science graduate with several year experience in diverse roles including EventsRead… Read more »

5 Steps To Get Better All The Time

Improvement is easy. But only if it emerges over time, has buy-in from the people involved, and tracks with reality instead of the fantasy in some manager’s head. This approach comes from a long study of Lean and most recently inflences from the great book by Eric Ries, The Lean Startup. It’s simple and canRead… Read more »

Risk Happens! Winner

Congratulations to Leam Hall for winning a copy of Risk Happens! by Mike Clayton Mike will be in touch soon Leam. Congrats! Original link: Risk Happens! Winner Original post