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The Economics of the Cloud for Public Sector

In some of my previous blog posts, I talked about some of the concerns about the cloud and also outlined the perceived benefits. These benefits included: Reduce and control costs Enabling Innovation Reliability High Availability Accessibility While from a technology perspective, we are able to explain and realize the benefits of the cloud, it seemsRead… Read more »

Since you put it that way… Making sense of making a decision about the cloud.

In my opinion, the cloud provides the most cost effective, innovative, efficient, reliable and secure method of providing specific core IT services to business and organizations. Most people out there, or at least those people in IT, already know about the cloud, and most of us have our own thoughts and perceptions about what itRead… Read more »

Considering “the Cloud” – Asking the right questions and looking for the right answers

I recently saw a blog post from Jim Townsend (President of InfoStrat) which did a fantastic job of articulating some of the concerns around cloud computing in the public sector. This is a topic that has been and will continue to be widely debated within and outside of government IT. Rather than pose a numberRead… Read more »