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Fooling Ourselves and Paying a High Price

While the saga around the Penn State sexual abuse scandal will, and should, continue as people come to terms with the horrifying series of events that transpired, I find myself looking for any good that can come from this disturbing series of (in)actions of those in positions of authority. What happened in Happy Valley isRead… Read more »

Are You a 21st Century Leader?

The Occupy movement is raising questions about leaders in business and politics. Motivated by corporate excess and government blundering of our nation’s economic system “occupiers” are expressing frustration and anger by taking to the streets. With a fuzzy message fueled by personal economic challenges and years of feeling powerless against “the big guys,” the unfortunateRead… Read more »

AG’ s Rural Development Steps to the plate and hits “Home”runs!

Rural Development has good news for a nation struggling to believe in the “American Dream” again. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding and USDA’s Rural Development provided 50,000 guaranteed home loans to folks who were turned away by conventional sources. Reinvesting in the “American Dream” is a solid step in the recovery of ourRead… Read more »