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My Parents Are on the Internet: Online and Aging

Mom’s battling it out with words, animals, and vegetables on her favorite game site. She’ll be reading the news again later this afternoon and probably paying the bills. I’ve noticed that she leans forward more often to see the screen. Dad’s balling and making it rain on his favorite computer parts site. He gets frustratedRead… Read more »

FYI-Suicide prevention

FYI: Included here are several prefatory paragraphs of an item posted online in NIMH science-news Nov 10, 2011 at: Title: Widely Used Screening Tool Shown to Successfully Predict Suicide AttemptsSource: NIMHA widely used suicide screening tool can help determine who is most at risk for suicide by pinpointing the threshold at which a person’sRead… Read more »

Your Fear of Social Media—Your Older Target Audience is Within Reach

Http://LeonardSipes.Com Part four on the fear some people in government, associations and nonprofits express when whey contemplate social media. Entering social media now is like having an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of Google or Apple. If you knew it was going to become a worthwhile investment, you would have bought. SocialRead… Read more »