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Mind Readers and The Psychology of Excess

Seeing a number of senior officials in the last year “ousted,” I find it sort of scary the risks and travails that executive leadership can entail. There are so many good, hardworking people at GSA making progress for the Government in terms of property management, contract management, fleet management, and more, that it was aRead… Read more »


Youth Suicidal Behavior — Fact Sheet – Prevention of Youth Suicides and Suicidal Behavior SOURCE: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF SUICIDOLOGY Youth suicidal behavior is a significant national problem. The extent of suicidal behavior — including thoughts of and plans for suicide, nonfatal suicide attempts, and suicide deaths — is shown below. Yet, as with soRead… Read more »

children and a teacher’s, ‘quote’

A quote from my blog at: “I am a teacher in a [community] (land of many lost families) who is very desirous of establishing an intergenerational link for my class. I think a large part of the problem our children and our society face is a sense of ‘rootlessness’. … I plan to devoteRead… Read more »

How to be polite on Facebook – Reader’s Digest, August 2009 This is an invaluable resource for folks who are still resistant to the idea of joining the Social Networks. It is not imperative by any means that any individual create and monitor a Facebook account, but if you are interested, but not sure you can handle the overwhelming demands on your time and attention,Read… Read more »