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Great Acquisition Suggestion Posted on Shared Services – Idea Scale

A co-worker of mine just posted a great suggestion to the Federal CIO’s Shared Services initiative that’s on Ideas Scale. Take a look at it and vote – unless the Feds do this….create standardized data sets and make them public … they are the txpayer will continue to be held hostage to a few veryRead… Read more »

Agile Acquisition – How Do We Really Do This?

BY now, we’ve all heard about the agile development process and how, today, an iterative approach to developing/implementing IT programs is in vogue. We’ve also heard all the many complaints about how the Federal acquisition process is too slow to keep up with rapidly changing technology, evolving requirements, etc. We also are aware that anyRead… Read more »

Continuing Congressional Focus on Acquisition?

Will the debate over the Nation’s economy in this election year reduce the focus of our Congressional friends on our acquisition community? For the past few years their gaze has been pretty unrelenting and it’s arguable whether or not intense Congressional scrutiny is either a good or bad thing. Personally, I think their focus willRead… Read more »

How Do You Explain Procurement’s Fundamental Value to Senior Executives?

Several weeks ago, as part of an ACT-IAC Acquisition Management Shared Interest Group (SIG) meeting, I volunteered to help figure out how our SIG could address a suggestion that was made by one of our government advisory team. The suggestion was to take a look at what value a procurement organization brings to their enterpriseRead… Read more »

Hooray for the New Acquisition “Sub-community”

Greetings everybody!! The creation of specific sub-communities on GovLoop is pretty exciting and should serve to drive folks to the rich content they are looking for as well as further facilitate our excellent subject matter-specific discussions. Totally off topic – did you see where Hostess is, once again, filing bankruptcy? Better stock up on yourRead… Read more »