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Aristotle is Facebook for Geeks (live-blogging at the Gov20 symposium in DC)

Dr. Joel C. Sercel, President and Founder, ICS Associates Aristotle is facebook for geeks, by and For DoD scientists and engineers (Applied Minds) 7 habits of highly effective Web/Gov 2.0 Enterprises More beta! Know your user base Active outreach — PR and marketing — is crucial for gov20 Active gardening (cleaning out the weeds andRead… Read more »

State Dept: Liveblogging eDiplomacy at Gov20 symposium

Dan Sheerin, Deputy Director, eDiplomacy Office, US Dept of State Lessons learned from Diplopedia and Communities @ State One thing we’re doing: Bring diplomats into the IT decision-making process Online collaboration / crowdsourcing tool — the “Secretary’s Inbox” — for suggestions and ideas for Secretary of State Clinton. How do we use technology in thisRead… Read more »

Jack Holt, DoD New Media Live-blogging from the Gov20 symposium

Jack Holt, Department of Defense, Sr. Strategist for New Media Use of social media as leadership. President’s call for open, transparent, collaborative government. The core of my job is to get people to think differently. Think differently about what we’re doing, how we’re doing, etc. First high speed network? Hard surface Roman roads. Public roadsRead… Read more »

Navy CIO – live-blogging the #pfgov symposium in DC

Brian P Burns, Deputy CIO, Department of the Navy Bottom line: The security of Social Media starts with the protection of data and user behavior — not necessarily the tool sets. I.e., the tools are not the challenge, the risks are with the data and the user’s behavior. Some notes: Brian is a part ofRead… Read more »

Live-blogging the Gov 2.0 Conf – Paul Huang, FEMA

Leadership: Listen, collaborate, build a team. Trust, Commit, Be accountable, pay attention to results, don’t be afraid of conflict (based on Patrick Lencioni) Risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment, Planning) Vision — gather and deliver quality data that increases public awareness and leads to actions that reduce risk to life and property. We’re using Web 2.0 toRead… Read more »

Live-blogging the Gov 2.0 Conf – Dr. Linton Wells II, leadership and security

Dr. Linton Wells II, Distinguished Research Professor and Force Transformation Chair, NDU The #1 issue for leaders is this: Empower your organization to act responsibly in the social media / social networking world. There is always going to be risk. Go ahead and figure out the risk categories: What is only okay for inside theRead… Read more »

Live-blogging the Gov 2.0 Leadership, Collaboration & Public Engagement Symposium in Washington, DC.

Over the next two days, I’ll be live-blogging the Symposium, of which GovLoop is a sponsor. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Potomac Forum (conference producer) or GovLoop, except as a rank-and-file member of GovLoop. Gov2.0 best practices from ADM Thad Allen, USCG ADM Allen: Starting paying attention in the 1980s. Started understanding the powerRead… Read more »