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Lakewood Police Shootings Illustrate More Reasons for Locally Elected Officials to Learn Communication Tools

There are still plenty of locally elected folks, particularly those for whom elected office is not their ‘day job,’ who are ignoring new communications tools. So here’s a story that might help you change their minds. I thought I knew the potential of those tools … and then last Sunday, four police officers in myRead… Read more »

Facebook has Some Missing Nouns

I just posted this on my blog about local elected officials who use social media. Any thoughts on whether I am making too much of the language within Facebook? The original post is at As Facebook becomes more popular, it seems to become more effective. I posted a note asking for volunteers for ourRead… Read more »

Examples of wiki government?

Can anyone share some current examples that they like and see as effective of wiki government? Peer-to-Patent is always used as the example, but their website says they have closed the pilot. I could really use some examples to use during a talk this weekend. Help!