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What does Gov 2.0 mean afterall? Surely, not Shovelware!

Shovelware is a derogatory computer term that refers to software noted more for the quantity of what is included than for the quality or usefulness. When little thought is given to the design of an application meant for specific use on the destination platform or medium, resulting in poor quality service, what we end upRead… Read more »

Young Government Leaders (YGL) Joins Combined Federal Campaign of the National Captial (CFCNCA)

Executive Board of Young Government Leaders (YGL) joins the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA). If you live in the Washington metropolitan region, that means you can contribute to YGL as a Federal employee by entering the YGL code #38096 on your agency’s CFC pledge card. Outside of Washington, contributors you canRead… Read more »

Lakewood Police Shootings Illustrate More Reasons for Locally Elected Officials to Learn Communication Tools

There are still plenty of locally elected folks, particularly those for whom elected office is not their ‘day job,’ who are ignoring new communications tools. So here’s a story that might help you change their minds. I thought I knew the potential of those tools … and then last Sunday, four police officers in myRead… Read more »

Government Career Fair a Success!

The Washington Post used a picture of Department of Veterans Affairs representatives at the “Partnership for Public Service’s 2009 Career and Internship Fair” on July 16th in an article describing the success of the event. Full story:

Develop best

It’s no secret that in today’s economy, we are facing more challenges than ever. And real challenges demand real solutions. Supporting real collaboration, using real tools, in real time. Most of all, they demand real winning business outcomes. We are ready to help our customers and partners “get real” about making real change to createRead… Read more »