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Executive Order – Improving Service A new Executive Order to improve customer satisfaction was issued yesterday. This is great news – for our customers and for ourselves! Not only will this improve access to accurate and prompt information for our customers, it’ll make our jobs as internal customers easy too! When we talk about improving service, lots of peopleRead… Read more »

“What would Google Do?” to create better managers

Most organizations promote people based on technical knowledge, seniority, etc. They almost never (at least in my experience) provide training or assessment for new managers on how to manage properly. Managing people effectively is a unique skill set, and often doesn’t require that a manager have the in-depth technical knowledge of the team. If theRead… Read more »

Putting Lipstick On A Rock

Thanks, Gabriela, for the commment on the previous post. I started to answer, and then realized this was turning into a post of its own. It’s extremely important when implementing egov solutions to ensure the implementation will have a customer focused result. Over the last 21 years, I’ve been involved in many egov solutions, andRead… Read more »

What do THEY want?

You and I have both had experiences where we see an employee role their eyes when their phone rings or when a customer is at the counter for assistance. “What do they want?” is what they are thinking, and sometimes even what they say aloud. It’s easy, and perfectly natural, to get frustrated when youRead… Read more »

Working with Upset Customers? Turn down the H.E.A.T.

“When I have an angry customer, I just put the phone down on my desk and walk away. By the time I get back, they are either calm, or they hung up. Problem Solved.” I really did have a student in one of my classes make that statement. I’ve heard a lot of odd perceptionsRead… Read more »

Two Pennies

Many years ago I observed an interaction where an irate customer was telling a government employee that he paid his salary and he demanded he get what he wanted. The government employee listened quietly and then reached into his pocket and pulled out two pennies. He slid the pennies across the counter and told theRead… Read more »