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Setting Service Expectations

Check out this article in the San Diego Business Journal. This is exactly what we’ve been talking about when we talk about the Science of Service. There are Essential Elements in an organization’s effort to create a culture of great service. Giving people written standards and expectations (definitions really) of what great service means,Read… Read more »

CS Training in Government Organizations

I’m a subscriber to BidSync, which is a service for people who want to bid on government contracts. I often see RFPs posted for customer service training, and that is certainly terrific. My concern is that tradition classroom training alone doesn’t “stick.” We all know that every group of people who attend training is dividedRead… Read more »

What’s Your Customer Service Vision??

What is your Customer Service Vision for 2010? We all make New Year’s Resolutions for ourselves. We envision what we might accomplish or become. What about a customer service vision for your organization? Regardless of how good your customer service is, service quality can always be improved. Service improvements in 2010 are the quickest wayRead… Read more »

Focus on Quality Service Delivery

Customer Service in government is different from private industry, primarily because our customers are not always right. Many government services are enforcement or regulatory in nature. There are lots of rules to follow, and some of our customers may be in violation of those rules. So how can we still provide great service? Focus onRead… Read more »

November Issue of “The Edge” Hi Everyone – We all know that good service is fast service. And government is notorious for moving too slowing and having processes that are much to complicated. Red Tape, anyone? Kaizen process improvement is a quick way to make huge improvements to processes by cutting the seven categories of waste. Also in thisRead… Read more »

Culture of Service in Government

Is your agency or department interested in enhancing their “Culture of Service?” I can help. After 20 years in government, 12 in customer service specifically, I’ve gone out on my own. I’m offering my proven system “Six Essentials to Building a Culture of Service” to government agencies around the Country. I’m currently writing a newRead… Read more »