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New Book on Kindle – Internet Voting Now!

My New Book is now on Kindle – Internet Voting Now! Here’s How. Here’s Why – So We can Kiss Citizens United Goodbye! Like the horseless carriage 100 years ago, Internet voting is coming to the USA. Not only is it convenient and green, but security has been proven manageable by e-commerce. Security scaresRead… Read more »

What are Best Practices for Overseas Voters?

Of course, “best practices” depends on what your objectives are. Generally, they are what most efficiently and effectively fulfill your objectives. However, best practices should not be seen as a final condition. When improvements can be made, they should be made. Currently, there is something like six million Americans overseas who are eligible to vote.Read… Read more »


IMPLEMENTING THE MOVE ACT As I mentioned earlier, late last year President Obama signed into law the MOVE Act (Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act). Soon, 33 states will be using some form of Internet voting for their voters overseas, or UOCAVA voters (named after the 1986 Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act). VotersRead… Read more »