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The Official White House Twitter Has Been Launched!

The Whitehouse has official taken the plunge into microblogging and launched their official twitter account @whitehouse today. Another milestone in government 2.0 and social media has been reached. The Official White House Twitter URL: The account was set up and first tweet posted about 2 hours ago putting the time of official release atRead… Read more »

Government 2.0 Camp Minimalist Recap

Here is the long short, or should I say short long? IT WAS AWESOME. I met many awesome people doing awesome things. I learned a bunch, thought about a bunch more. Connected with people who I knew but had never met. Met people who I should connect with, but never knew. Thought of new thingsRead… Read more »

Hello GovLoop!

Though I have been holding of on joining “yet another social network” because of SNF (Social Networking Fatigue), I decided now was as good a time as any to join GovLoop. Besides is seems to be the preferred social network for Government 2.0 Camp and will most likely connect me with a bunch of peopleRead… Read more »