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The Power of the Message – Why It’s Important to Tell Stories

How can your communications engage stakeholders to take action and drive mission value? This was the big question addressed at FCG and GovDelivery’s Annual Digital Communications event: The Power of the Message. The event brought together government leaders at all levels to discuss the importance of effective communication and the power of your message. KeynoteRead… Read more »

HP Holiday Joyride is Here

The holiday season is upon us which means there’s lots of fun and festive things going on in and around your city. One of those is the HP Holiday Joyride– which combines new technology with holiday cheer. Starting off in Palo Alto, California and ending THIS WEEKEND in Washington, D.C. the HP Caravan allows peopleRead… Read more »

Google’s Innovation for the Nation Virtual Summit

Known as the country’s record keeper (and my favorite place to bring D.C. visitors) the U.S. National Archives Records Administration (NARA) protects and provides public access to more than 10 billion pages of textual records, maps, photographs, videos and more than 133 terabytes of electronic records. Needless to say, that is a lot of informationRead… Read more »

Best Practices for a Culture of Communication

In a recent blog post I outlined the four main pillars of Project Intelligence, a new approach which seeks to improve government project execution by providing project managers with more information to make better decisions. In the era of budget cuts and limited resources, finding new ways to keep projects on time and in scopeRead… Read more »

The 4 Pillars of Project Intelligence

The economic pressures government agencies feel from the uncertainty of budget cuts, real-time shut downs, and sequestration affects every part of an organization. The Project Management Office (PMO) is no exception. In a recent blog post, I discussed a new approach, Project Intelligence (PI), which seeks to improve project execution by providing project managers withRead… Read more »

The Rise of Project Intelligence and Why It Matters

There’s a lot going on in government today. The economic pressures agencies feel from the uncertainty of budget cuts and sequestration effect every part of an organization, including the Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO is responsible for monitoring and administering government IT projects. As time goes on, priorities shift, technology advances, and new regulationsRead… Read more »

Could You Be the Next Cyber Attack Victim? Online Training

President Obama recently signed the Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Executive Order, mandating the development of standardized cybersecurity preparedness and a response plan for each government agency. Public sector leaders can agree that cybersecurity is important, but it is also a field rife with challenges. That’s why GovLoop and Juniper hosted an online training that discussedRead… Read more »

Going Mobile

In a FCW recent article, Nolan Jones, Director of eGovernment Innovation, NIC, discusses why the federal government must plan now for going mobile and states, “mobile implementation is unquestionably difficult. Yet, it also is essential.” Of course there are many reasons the federal government hasn’t fully jumped on the mobile train, despite the benefits ofRead… Read more »

7 Tips to Help Collaboration

In a a recent blog post I shared some tips to get your employees thinking creatively. One of these tips was to encourage working in groups, sharing ideas (even the “bad” ones) and basically creating a culture of collaboration. Like encouraging creative thinking, promoting collaboration is often a lot easier said than done. With budgetRead… Read more »

3 Ways to Create a Positive Customer Vent

According to a study conducted by the Society of New Communications Research, “59 percent of respondents say they regularly use social media to “vent” about their own customer care frustrations.” Social media has changed the way organizations (public and private) interact with citizens. Organizations can have people fill out surveys in under a minute, shareRead… Read more »