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Or as my dad used to say, “Quit your belly aching.” You know what? Life isn’t fair, and in fact sometimes it just downright stinks. Yup, sometimes you’ll get stuck with a crappy assignment, maybe you have a boss who is ill prepared for their role, or the person in the cube next to youRead… Read more »

Success Rule #18 – Know Your Role

Are you a doer? Specialist? Coordinator? Resource provider? Worker? Diplomat? What role do you fill at home? Your role is how you fit in with the team, how do you contribute to the success of the mission. Not knowing your role will lead to conflict and failure. To use the stereotypical sport analogy, if youRead… Read more »

Success Rule #17 – Know Thyself

Attributed to Socrates, it is a foundational rule in place for centuries and followed by many. What baggage do you bring to the table of life? We all have baggage. I have 50 years of baggage. Unfortunately we perceive “baggage” as a negative when in fact it is simply our life experiences, some good, someRead… Read more »