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Success Rule #13 – Dress For Success

I’m not suggesting you run out and purchase a $1,000 suit; however don’t forget Rule #7 – you’re being judged. With that said there are considerations, the industry you are in, the culture of the organization, and some careers were there are uniform requirements. Attention to detail is as important here as it is withRead… Read more »

Success Rule #8 – Cultivate a Firm Handshake

Is your handshake firm and solid or weak and squishy? Man or woman a firm handshake says confident and authoritative. Although there are a number of stories claiming the origin of the hand shake, the bottom line is it is a sign of respect, and one indicating equality between greeters. So important is the handshakeRead… Read more »

Success Rule #7 – Know You’re Being Judged

Everything about you is telling a story; the way you dress, the way you act, the car you drive . . . the vacations you take. This rule is about making sure that the judgments of you are positive and enhance your career. You can’t stop others from judging you, but you can take stepsRead… Read more »


When asked, most people believe they take 100% responsibility for their lives. Do you? Have you ever blamed someone or something for things that has gone wrong? Have you ever complained about someone or something? If you have/do, you give up responsibility. Recently on Face Book I reconnected with an acquaintance from my youth. AsRead… Read more »