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Daily Dose: Traveling on the Government’s Dime? Just Charge It!

Or not… Road warriors and the impulsive beware! While buying on credit here and there might seem like a harmless activity, you might want to think twice about whose card you pull out of your wallet next time. It could soon cost you your job! There’s nothing like a credit card to give one theRead… Read more »

Friday Fab Five: Social Media Ninjas, Shutdown Rockstars, or National Champs- Which are you?

Shutdown Got You Down? It’s time to take a quick break for the… Friday Fab Five! Yes, it is a stressful day for many to say the least, but it’s also Friday, which means it’s time to take a look back at the week’s accomplishments. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to SteveRead… Read more »

Friday Fab Five: Junkies, Shlump-ies, and How to Really Surprise Your Teacher

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. It’s time for the… FRIDAY FAB 5! TGIF, and I’m not talking about abc’s Friday night sitcom lineup from the 90’s. It’s time to take a look back at some or the top GovLoop content from the past week. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes toRead… Read more »

A Pathway to Pathways

With the results for the 2011 PMF program being released any day now, I thought this would be a good opportunity to start this discussion… When I attended the “PMF and Pathways Programs: Reinventing the Old and Implementing the New” discussion at NAPA’s headquarters a few weeks ago, this is how they introduced the session:Read… Read more »

Friday Fab Five: TSP, NGG11, ROFL, and Other Acronyms You Probably Don’t Know

Yep. You guess it. It’s the… Friday Fab Five! Time to take a look back at the past week and highlight some of the best of the best. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to none other than Rebecca Schreiber‘s blog post Investing TSP Money and Other Retirement Tricks. Whether you are aRead… Read more »

Searching for the Perfect Government Association? Join the Club!

Everyone knows being a member of a club or organization is awesome. The feeling of being part of an exclusive group of individuals, all dedicated to the same cause, and sharing ideas is definitely alluring, but what about other, less esoteric benefits? Depending on the function of the organization, benefits can range anywhere from aRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Is Your Government Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

More than likely you don’t fall under either of those two categories as 49 percent of Americans in a recent Washington Post-ABC poll stated that they felt “uncertain” about the future of the US government and how it works. Merely 26 percent said they felt “optimistic” and 23 percent said they felt “pessimistic.” From ourRead… Read more »

Government Reorganization? Why? How? LIVE NOTES!

Back here at NAPA again on this beautiful Spring-like morning for another great discussion. This time we’ll be tackling the President’s SOTU comments about reorganizing the federal government. Tough topic so hopefully we’ll get some great information about how this process is already being implemented, as well as the challenges it faces. Much like yesterday’sRead… Read more »