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7 Ways to Survive and Thrive a Reorganization

What is the word that inspires the biggest groan from government employees? That’s right, reorganization. When you work at any level of government, agency reorganizations can hit like a hurricane, leaving us feeling like we have been buried under a ton of debris. As today’s government works toward adopting a more agile and businesslike environment,Read… Read more »

Notes from NAPA – First Do No Harm with Government Reorganization

With Commerce Secretary Gary Locke headed for a new job as ambassador to China, there was buzz in DC about what’s next for Commerce – the agency expected to be the center of a competitiveness focused reorganization. I listened to a vastly experienced cast of candid public servants – many who are now formers –Read… Read more »

Government Reorganization? Why? How? LIVE NOTES!

Back here at NAPA again on this beautiful Spring-like morning for another great discussion. This time we’ll be tackling the President’s SOTU comments about reorganizing the federal government. Tough topic so hopefully we’ll get some great information about how this process is already being implemented, as well as the challenges it faces. Much like yesterday’sRead… Read more »

Life after Salmon: first steps at government reorganization

On Sunday, Tom Shoop of GovExec’s Fedblog reported that President Obama’s Chief Performance Officer, Jeffrey Zients, will lead the government reorganization effort announced during last week’s State of the Union address. I don’t know about you, but I was ecstatic to see Civil Service reform get a high-profile nod during the address. (Full disclosure: IRead… Read more »