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Embrace Cyber Hygiene: Lessons From the OPM Hack

Last year more than 20 million government employees, contractors and their families were hacked. The Office of Personnel Management is now trying to fix some of their cybersecurity gaps during a six-week cyber sprint led by Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott. In this month’s DorobekINSIDER Live, “Cybersecurity: Lessons From the OPM Hack,” Chris DorobekRead… Read more »

An Eye Into the Future Marketplace

It is always hard to predict the future. In addition, the government marketplace is undergoing a major transformation. Agencies are struggling to understand which services and products to buy, how to invest, or how to manage their workplace environment. Marc Marlin is a Managing Director at Kipps DeSanto and Company – an investment bank thatRead… Read more »

A New Wave of Federal Customer Service

The customer is always right. Right? Well, that may not always be correct, but it is a good rule of thumb to follow. However, I think most of us tend to associate this golden rule with the private sector. But now, there seems to be more of a push from the public sector to betterRead… Read more »

Meet Government’s Mr. Fix-It

The Ghost Busters have nothing on the Labor Department’s Mr. Fix it. Something needs to be repaired? Who are you going to call? Not those men in jumpsuits, but Ed Hugler! Something needs to be made accessible? Who are you going to call? Ed Hugler! He is the government’s Mr. Fix it. Edward Hugler, DeputyRead… Read more »