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Thank Govies-They Make Differences That Affect Us All

Ever read about someone else’s impressive accomplishments and feel like you are reading about a distant, far-off land where superheroes exist and they have nothing to do with you? The truth is, those superheroes are real people who do affect your lives. You may not know it, but your govies here in the U.S. areRead… Read more »

When Crying at Work is a Good Thing

Often called the Oscars for government employees, the Sammies represent the best and brightest government employees. And man, do they deserve some recognition. The Sammies honorees break down barriers, overcome huge challenges and get results. Whether they’re defending the homeland, protecting the environment, ensuring public safety, making scientific and medical discoveries, or responding to natural… Read more »

Military Extends Communications to the Community

Have you every wondered what’s happening behind the secured walls of a military base? Who lives there? Oftentimes, life on a military base can be very isolating from the neighboring community. It’s often difficult for service members to integrate themselves effectively with the surrounding community and vice versa. But that’s all changing. Thanks in largeRead… Read more »

Drumroll Please – The Sammies Go to…

Sometimes we forget thank government for the good work it does. Govies help us in our day-to-day lives and we don’t always realize it. Here at GovLoop, we’ve been interviewing some of the finalists for the Service to America Medals all summer. And now the winners are being announced. Which civil servants won the SamuelRead… Read more »

Making a Difference in Government and You Get to Stay in Your PJs

Do you ever find yourself laying in bed or sitting in front of the TV thinking, “If I could only get a chance, I’d make a difference”? Well, believe it or not, you can! In fact, you can stay in your PJs, in the comfort of your dorm room, and make a difference in theRead… Read more »

A Chicken a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Do you know how many chickens this country eats yearly? Eight billion – yes, eight billion chickens are consumed by hungry Americans every 365 days. Raising those 8 billion chickens and making sure they are healthy enough to eat is no easy job. You may think it is a simple process for a chicken toRead… Read more »

How the Gov Got Rid of Chemical Weapons – Safely

On August 21st, 2013 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad carried out an attacked that killed more than 1,400 Syrian civilians with sarin-a chemical weapon used as a nerve agent. In the wake of the attack, a worldwide call for action was launched to get rid of the chemical weapons stockpile. Timothy Blades, Director of Operations atRead… Read more »

No More Shaking the Foundation

Feeling the ground trembling beneath your feet can be an incredibly unnerving and freighting experience. One of the raging natural disasters the world has come to know over the years are earthquakes. Although our research on earthquakes has increased tremendously over the last few decades, we still deal with a lot of destruction and damageRead… Read more »

Meet Government’s Mr. Fix-It

The Ghost Busters have nothing on the Labor Department’s Mr. Fix it. Something needs to be repaired? Who are you going to call? Not those men in jumpsuits, but Ed Hugler! Something needs to be made accessible? Who are you going to call? Ed Hugler! He is the government’s Mr. Fix it. Edward Hugler, DeputyRead… Read more »