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What Is Innovation? Says Who?

Innovation is a broad topic talked about in ways which confuse the subject. It’s also a subject that generates a wide range of reactions. This blog defines innovation and views it through three lenses – customer, organization, individual – to bring into focus what it might mean for you. I like to use a definitionRead… Read more »

Can The Federal Government Innovate IT Buying? Yes, If…

On March 27, 2015, OMB posted a job announcement for the first-ever Information Technology Category Manager. Category management is the Federal Government’s approach to rationalizing and streamlining acquisitions. The IT Category Manager (ITCM) will be responsible for managing IT acquisition as a category, for the first time. Kudos to OMB, OFPP, the Federal CIO, GSA,Read… Read more »

What Innovating Acquisition Should Mean – And Should Not

Talk of innovating Federal acquisition is widespread. Change is needed, and many smart people are hard at work on it. Confusion accompanies the conversation, however, and clarification is needed. If you’re involved in an acquisition innovation effort, ask yourself the following questions. What do we mean by innovating acquisition? Broadly, it seems the government canRead… Read more »

What Links Customer Experience And Innovation? The Right Question

Chris Dorobek’s March 18, 2015 program, “The Lowdown on Digital Services,” didn’t focus on innovation, but his guests’ ideas were all about it. Martha Doris, Rick Parrish, and Hannah Moss described Federal Government efforts to improve customer experience. Their comments about value as the point of a good customer experience are what innovation is supposedRead… Read more »

What You DON’T Need to Know, to Innovate

Shortly into a new job, my newly minted college graduate daughter was asked to help plan an IT requirements identification and definition meeting. Her degree was in human growth and development. She had researched what she could about requirements, but was disoriented and didn’t know where to start. Being Da-aad (yes, pronounce that as aRead… Read more »

Can Innovation Chase the Wrong Things?

Organizations innovate for customers, but customers don’t think about innovation. In a digital world, customers think about ease and convenience, speed, security. Citizens care about receiving what they were promised. And in government, that means many things to many people. So if innovation means doing something different to add value for customers, what does itRead… Read more »