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Can Innovation Chase the Wrong Things?

Organizations innovate for customers, but customers don’t think about innovation. In a digital world, customers think about ease and convenience, speed, security. Citizens care about receiving what they were promised. And in government, that means many things to many people. So if innovation means doing something different to add value for customers, what does it… Read more »

Tough Decisions and Business Values

Because the issue recently came up, I thought I would offer a quick note about Business Values… When you are trying to write value statements for your company or nonprofit or team or community group, you can’t simply list a whole bunch of “nice things.” Those lists get posted on some web-page or coffee room… Read more »

Why I Didn’t Quit My Job During the Government Shutdown

During the 17-day Federal government shutdown my company, Corner Alliance Inc., had to make some tough decisions. Many of our employees were not able to perform work (read: make money) including myself. I worked the first week of the shutdown on internal Corner Alliance tasks, like our website and a Virtual Participation Best Practices document…. Read more »

What are our national values?

Today at 11 am, I stopped working for a few minutes to participate in the Moment of Silence for the victims in Tucson Arizona. As I paused, I thought about the millions of people around our nation who were also participating. I got the chills. I wondered who the other people were, where they lived,… Read more »

International Association for Public Participation: Core Values Awards 2010 Now Open

Are you getting enough recognition for the work you do to engage citizens? Do you think you have the most innovative project or your organisation or agency is the world’s best in conducting public participation? If so, how about entering the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) 2010 Core Values Awards. You could be standing… Read more »

MULTI-GENERATIONAL Leadership Qualities: The Power of Thinking Together

These are difficult times for leaders at every level in government, business and society across the world. We are all reinventing our visions of the future as we work to forge the new paths in an environment of crisis, challenge, and opportunity. We are also in need of re-evaluating everything about how we think, operate,… Read more »