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The Ugly Truth About Promotions

There are two schools of thought when it comes to promotions: Promotions are based on a checklist: if you match up against these criteria (ABC) and do these things (1234) when you have them all checked off, THEN you’ll be promoted. You don’t need to worry about the promotion, the checklist, or the politics –Read… Read more »

What Are Your Pillars of Greatness?

Everyone has about five very specific things that provide the foundation of their life. I call these things “Pillars.” They are the five key things that matter most to you. And, they are the place you live your life from… whether you are aware of it or not. When you deliberately focus your attention onRead… Read more »

Just Who IS Your Tribe?

There are some colleagues you just love to spend time with – and others that can take you from “okay” to “I’m-going-to-stab-MYSELF-with-a-pencil-to-make-you-go-away” after five minutes! What’s the difference? The first person is your tribe – the type of person you enjoy spending time with, who feeds who you are as a person, who has valuesRead… Read more »

Are You Leaking Happy?

Everyone has those times in their life where they’re just not happy. And when this happiness is caused by being in the wrong job, with the wrong people, doing the wrong thing, it can cause you to dump “yuck” onto everyone in your life. It’s easy to say, “My life is bigger than my job!”Read… Read more »

12 Core Leadership Exercises

The core of your Leadership Mindset rests on the four aspects of the human experience: the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects. When one of those core aspects is weakened, your Leadership Mindset is unable to support the tactics required to accomplish your mission. Remember that day at work when your brain was fried fromRead… Read more »

How Big is Your Cup?

Everyone has heard the stories of lottery winners who receive large sums of money only to find themselves broke within a few years. . . Or the stories of star athletes who come into financial resources and stardom at a young age and later end up in legal trouble battling severe addictions and emotional issues.Read… Read more »

The 1 Critical Key that Traditional Leadership Training Misses

Have you ever attended leadership training programs sponsored inside your organization, listened to the wonderful information being presented, and thought to yourself, “Yeah, that sounds great, but it doesn’t work when I get back to my office”? After 24 plus years of federal service, and more than seven years as a leadership instructor, and executiveRead… Read more »