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Making a Difference: Lessons from Peace Corps

In 1985, I joined the Peace Corps and began my service in Congo, Central Africa. I was an idealistic young man with a naively expansive view of my ability to help people and bring about meaningful change in their lives. The challenges and frustrations I experienced as a Peace Corps volunteer provided important life lessons… Read more »

Do Great Things: Turning Passion and Purpose into Greatness

Although few of us will ever receive prestigious awards for our work, we can make our daily tasks great by doing them with great passion, focus and a sense of purpose. Doing our work as if we were producing the world’s next great product, innovation or solution elevates its meaning and importance, gives it a… Read more »

What’s Your Career Focus?

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” – Aristotle The Universal Law states, “What you focus on expands.” It’s simple. What you focus on determines what you’ll find in life. If you focus on the reasons why you will never be promoted, you will only find more andRead… Read more »