Big Data

Digital Government: The Third Platform

The launch of the Government Digital Strategy earlier this year has spurred great discussion around the power of new technologies in government. Thom Rubel, VP of Research at IDC Government Insights, recently launched a YouTube Tech Talk, Government and the Third Platform, which addresses several of the opportunities that have arisen from technology innovation. InRead… Read more »

Two Fun Big Data Videos Every Techie Should Watch

With this post I would like to introduce two videos I recommend any enterprise technologist watch. Both are from the website at The first is actually very NON-technical. It is a short, cute (with rainbows and butterflies) cartoon that talks in small words about some key use cases most businesses are experiencing today, andRead… Read more »

Big Data for Geo

Every industry utilizes data in some facit or another. In the geo world, you can’t look in a direction that doesn’t include data…BIG data. Which is why we are bringing together GIS and developer professionals from throughout the DC metro area to learn more about Big Data and the latest in geospatial and cloud technology.Read… Read more »

Big Data: Integrate for Insight

Big data continues to be one of the hottest trends in government. A recent report from Oracle, Integrate for Insight, states, “Enterprises must learn to understand how best to leverage big data soon, since the amount of data being generated shows no signs of slowing down.” With the adoption of social channels by government, citizens,Read… Read more »

Optimizing Government Services with Big Data

GovLoop recently hosted an online training sponsored by Oracle, “Optimizing Government Services with Big Data.” There was a great discussion on how agencies should acquire, organize, and analyze diverse data sources, as well as real examples of organizations improving service and cutting costs through Big Data. Speakers included: Jeanne Holm, Evangelist,, U.S. General ServicesRead… Read more »

Discussion of Big Data in the Geospatial Intelligence Domain

The US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) held a Geoint Community Week June 4-8 2012 which included a technology day. The afternoon of 07 June was dedicated to fast-paced “ignite” style presentations from some of the key community thought leaders on geospatial data. At the end of these presentations Bob Gourley was asked to summarize andRead… Read more »

How to Leverage Big Data to Improve Services

GovLoop recently hosted an interactive online chat sponsored by the GovLoop Technology Council- How to Leverage Big Data to Improve Services. It was a great discussion moderated by Andy Krzmarzick of GovLoop and led by Bob Gourley, editor of and founder of Crucial Point LLC, focused on all things Big Data. How to defineRead… Read more »

More Virtuous Examination of the Big Data Construct: TechAmerica Foundation Announces Leadership for “Big Data” Commission

We recently wrote about TechAmerica and their activities related to Big Data in the Public Sector. A Big Data Task Force in TechAmerica’s public sector group has kicked off a collaborative activity in a Big Data Task Force. There has been a new development in domain. The foundation arm of TechAmerica, which is the groupRead… Read more »