21 Ways to Enhance Employee Communications ©

by Rick Alcantara

1. Communicate your mission, vision and values

2. Align your actions with your words

3. Create and regularly update your communication plan

4. Use communication channels that employees use and trust

5. Deliver relevant communications

6. Leverage technology

7. Create tailored communication for each internal audience, especially new employees

8. Inform your employees about critical news before you inform the media

9. Involve employees in decision-making

10. Encourage communication up, down and horizontally throughout the organization

11. Eliminate barriers to communication

12. Provide communication training to middle and senior managers

13. Commit resources (time, staff and money) to building communication

14. Regularly poll employees about their perceptions

15. Encourage and reward innovation

16. Communicate customer success stories

17. Inform employees about your firm’s financial performance

18. Never hide bad news

19. Reinforce brand standards

20. Educate employees about their roles in helping the organization achieve its objectives

21. Encourage face-to-face communication

Rick Alcantara is founder and principal of Tara Communications LLC, a strategic public relations, marketing and Internet firm that helps clients plan, implement and measure their communications. For more information visit www.tarapr.com. Follow Rick on Twitter @jerseycoach.

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Thanks for sharing. With the dynamic environment in which most of us operate, following all of these steps can prove to be quite a challenge; but it is always worth the effort.