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14 Ways to Get LinkedIn to a Better Career

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking, promoting your services, finding a job and managing remote projects. Here are 14 ways you can use it to advance your career: Position yourself as an expert. Tie your blog posts and Twitter feeds into your profile. Display your industry awareness. Frequently change your status update to includeRead… Read more »

Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours? Social Media Reloaded.

By Rick Alcantara Whether you are part of a big company or small practice, you have a story to tell – a story about your products, services, history, achievements and especially your reason for being. Your story is what makes you “you”. It transcends the deliverable. It is the essence of who and what youRead… Read more »

10 Ways to Enhance Your Online Media Center

by Rick Alcantara 1. List day and night media contacts 2. Include maps of your community 3. Include links to your codebook, council minutes, budget reports, and tax figures 4. Include links to bios of key personnel (e.g., mayor, council members) 5. Post media releases grouped in reverse chronological order 6. Archive editions of yourRead… Read more »

21 Ways to Enhance Employee Communications ©

by Rick Alcantara 1. Communicate your mission, vision and values 2. Align your actions with your words 3. Create and regularly update your communication plan 4. Use communication channels that employees use and trust 5. Deliver relevant communications 6. Leverage technology 7. Create tailored communication for each internal audience, especially new employees 8. Inform yourRead… Read more »

Why Measure Your Communications?

by Rick Alcantara My business coach tells his clients to test and measure virtually every aspect of their operations. Communications is no exception. By measuring your marketing efforts you can determine where and how you should spend your communications dollars. Once you have defined your communication objectives you can use research to determine your direction,Read… Read more »

How Social Media Differs from Traditional Media

by Rick Alcantara The age of homogenized, corporate-directed, media-censored communication is fading. Social media is the new reality. It will not only change how you receive and send information, but also how you interact with friends, find a job, obtain resources and even manage your work. Social media is not about popularity. It’s about engagement,Read… Read more »