Agency Facebook Career Pages + USAJobs Integration? Finally!!

Government needs to start engaging with talent better. The company Work4 Labs, Inc., has introduced a way for Federal agencies to push their jobs listed on USAJobs directly to their Agency’s Facebook page. Now, candidates can not only view jobs on Facebook, but also have the ability at the job level to see who else in their Facebook and LinkedIn connections are also a possible fit for the vacancy. The “Work4 Us” technology also searches 2nd & 3rd level connections to find matches and help use Social Media to spread the vacancy “virally” Also, they are have a private version of their application that helps employees refer jobs to their friends, boosting the Employee Referrals program at any agency. Worth taking a look? Definitely!! [email protected]

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Corey McCarren

Very cool. Always great to see the federal hiring process becoming more friendly to recent grads, and this seems like a great way to work towards that goal.