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Hiring the Right Talent for Government Positions

In a recent article written for Public Sector Digest, Micki Callahan, Human Resources Director for the City and County of San Francisco cited a committed to public service as a key trait for prospective employees. She points out that the public sector cannot always rival the private sector in terms of monetary compensation and otherRead… Read more »

GovConnect: Connecting the Talent Dots

A manager might need temporary talent on a project and doesn’t have it on his/her team. Energetic employees in other parts of the agency may have those skills and would like to share them as a way of broadening his/her professional experience. How can they connect? GovConnect is an initiative sponsored by the Office ofRead… Read more »

Have You Found Your Talent?

Have you ever met someone that just seems to know EXACTLY what their purpose is in life? You know, the ones that do that one thing that just seems to come natural? What is a talent?  A talent is a special natural ability given to us all.  If you follow the desire, it eventually startsRead… Read more »