Appropriate Use of Communication Mediums

Approrpriate Use of Communication Mediums at Work

Information Greatly Appreciated

I have created a chart on the appropriate use of communication mediums in the workplace for my next book Workplace Savvy. Need to validate the information I have already collected.


What work situations are appropriate for the use of the following mediums? What do you think?

  1. Text messages
  2. Emails
  3. Telephone
  4. Ad-Hoc Meetings (face-to face)
  5. Formal Meeting

One Finding: Many of the Baby Boomers I have talked with see no appropriate use for texting at work. However a few have been identified.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated Will share findings.

Thanking you in advance

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Michael Rautio

These are all just various tools that all have a practical use under the right circumstance. Just as you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to pound a nail, a text message would not always be appropriate in every situation. That being said, there are lots of circumstances where there would be no issues with texts. I have sent texts to other people in meetings to convey a critical piece of information about a current discussion topic, or to guide them away from a potential pitfall.